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User tips and cases

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Choosing Reach

  • Check the guide that helps you choose between Reach RS3, Reach RS2+, and Reach RX.
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Pre-sale support:

  • Toll Free: 888-454-1916
    Direct Dial: +1 817 865 3334 (ex. 101)

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Check out our forum —there are Support tips and a lot of information from our users, so your question may already have a solution.

Ask our team

Email us at or fill in the contact form. Our application engineers will reply to you within
a working day (9:00-18:00 CET).

To help us resolve your issue faster, please attach to your message:
  • Reach model
  • Serial number
  • For RS2 / RS2+ / RX / RS3:
  • Scan QR code under the SIM
  • card slot cover
  • For RS+ and M2/M+:
  • You will find it under the bar code
  • Full system report
  • Emlid Flow app settings →
  • System report → Generate Full
  • system report
Pre-sale support:
Toll Free: 888-454-1916

Direct Dial: +1 817 865 3334 (ex. 101)