Instantly sync
between field and office

Prepare, export, and manage your survey
data from any web browser.

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Access your data anytime

Make your projects available in any web browser

You no longer need a direct connection to a receiver or to Emlid Flow to export projects. Everything is now synced as soon as your smartphone has internet access. Just log in to Emlid Flow 360 with your Emlid account.

Create and manage code libraries

Work with survey codes

Link the codes library to quickly switch between different objects in the field. You can also add new codes to adjust the library for a specific project. And with your Emlid Account, this will be auto synced between all your devices. 

Add WMS/WMTS layers

Make the full context visible

Elevate your survey workflow with WMS/WMTS layers. Gain access to up-to-date and accurate geospatial data like topographical maps, orthomosaics, composite satellite imagery, and more.

Project management

Be prepared for the field

Some things are just more convenient in the office on a big screen.
Create a project, add a coordinate system, code library, and WMS background layers, upload data for stakeout, or export ready projects.

Choose your version


For simple projects requiring points only
or post-processing.

Emlid Flow 360

  • Project management and auto sync
  • Export and import survey data

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout points
  • Coordinate systems, geoids,
    and grid shifts
  • Base shift
  • Export and import in CSV, DXF, and SHP
  • Built-in NTRIP client
  • Full control of Reach receivers


For advanced surveying.
All the benefits of Free version are included.

A single subscription for Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360.

Emlid Flow 360

  • Upload code libraries
  • Satellite map
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout lines
  • Add survey codes on the go
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers
  • Satellite map
  • Localization
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$25/month if billed monthly.
Local taxes may apply.

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