Get high-precision
3D scans in minutes

You can just walk around the object while the scanning kit does the work for you

Underground utilities

Create open trench models to document and calculate volumes accurately.


Monitor as-built progress with accurate and quickly captured 3D models.

Drone mapping

Supplement your drone mapping results with terrestrial data for objects hidden from the drone's view.


Build accurate 3D collision scenes and add detailed measurements in real-time.

Reach RX

High-precision GNSS hardware by Emlid

Centimeter-level accuracy with NTRIP

Reach RX works with any correction network or GNSS base that broadcasts RTCM3. It obtains a fix in less than 5 seconds, even in challenging conditions.

Protected from water and dust

Rain is no problem. The RX is IP68-rated and waterproof to a depth of 1.5 meters. The connector is sealed with a silicone plug.

16 hours on one charge

2 days of work for less than 3 hours of charging. You can charge on-the-go from any USB port or power bank.

Works as a standalone rover

Remove your RX from the handle, attach it to a survey pole, and you're ready to collect or stake out data just like with a traditional GNSS receiver.

Powerful photogrammetry software by Pix4D

1. Capture data

The PIX4Dcatch mobile app with integrated Reach RX allows you to capture precise and geotagged data using your smartphone camera and LiDAR.

2. Process data

Automatically upload your images to PIX4Dcloud for seamless processing OR import your images from your phone to the PIX4Dmatic desktop app using the PIX4Dcatch processing template. If necessary, you can even merge terrestrial and drone data.

3. Export to GIS, CAD, or BIM

Mark your assets on PIX4Dsurvey as vectors in the point cloud and export them as DXF (for CAD) or SHP (for GIS).

Choose your kit

Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit

  • Reach RX and accessories
  • PIX4Dcatch
  • PIX4Dcloud
  • PIX4Dcatch training



Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit

  • Reach RX and accessories
  • PIX4Dcatch
  • PIX4Dcloud Advanced
  • PIX4Dmatic
  • PIX4Dsurvey
  • PIX4Dcatch training



Reach RX
and accessories

  • Reach RX
  • Emlid Scanning Handle
  • Tags (5 pcs)
  • Type-C cable
  • Leash
  • Allen key 3 mm
  • Carrying case

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