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Emlid Flow

Mobile app for land survey

  • Linework and coding
  • Geoids, grid shifts, custom coordinate systems
  • Stake out points and lines
  • All your projects are available in the
    Emlid Flow 360

Emlid Flow is an upgraded version of ReachView 3 with new features and a cloud service Emlid Flow 360.

Reach RS2+


Network RTK rover
with centimeter precision

Pocket-sized and lightweight receiver.
Works with NTRIP corrections.


Reach RS2+


Versatile RTK GNSS receiver
for professionals with UHF
radio and LTE

For surveying, mapping and navigation.
Comes with a mobile app


Reach RS+


RTK GNSS receiver
with centimeter

For surveying, mapping and navigation.
Comes with a mobile app


Reach M2 and M+

RTK GNSS module
for UAV mapping

Positioning with centimeter accuracy
in RTK and PPK.



Baseline up to 60 km


Emlid NTRIP Caster
Corrections over the internet
for RTK GNSS receivers

Emlid Caster is an easy way to pass RTK corrections between your receivers through the Internet. Our caster works with Reach and any other receivers with NTRIP support. The service is available for free and works worldwide.

Emlid NTRIP Caster

Reliable solution
for quality surveying

Emlid produces affordable GNSS receivers for RTK or PPK surveying and geospatial software for data collection and post-processing.

Highly accurate Reach receivers can work with signals from GPS and GLONASS, as well as accept data from BeiDou, QZSS, and Galileo satellite systems.

Multi-band network rover Reach RX is a pocket-size tool for RTK surveying via NTRIP. Reach RS2+ is a multi-band receiver that can be used as a base and rover even in areas without internet access. Single-band Reach RS+ is a go-to solution for working in the open sky view. Both Reach RS2+ and Reach RS+ work in RTK and PPK modes.

for industries

Emlid products are designed to work right out of the box and are suitable for experienced and beginner surveyors. Reach receivers are used in such industries as land surveying, precise agriculture, bathymetry, machinery guidance, drone mapping, archaeology, etc. Our products provide users with centimeter precision and high accuracy in data collection with a stable fix solution.

Software for surveyors

To help our users achieve highly precise results with less effort, Emlid developed intuitive land survey software and desktop app for post-processing.

Reach receivers come with the Emlid Flow mobile app for iOS and Android. It allows simple data collection and stakeout and works in sync with the cloud-based service Emlid Flow 360.

When you need to post-process your data, try Emlid Studio. This is a free desktop app for Windows and macOS to PPK data collected with Reach, other GNSS receivers, or RTK-capable drones.

To get the most of your Reach base in RTK, use Emlid NTRIP Caster. This is a free way to pass corrections from your base to rovers over the internet. It works with Reach and other NTRIP-supported devices.

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  • Reach RX, Reach RS2+, and Reach RS+ receivers
    for a high-accuracy survey
  • Reach M2 GNSS module for drone mapping
    in RTK or PPK modes
  • adapters, hot-shoes, extension pole, and other
    accessories for comfortable surveying