High-precision RTK GNSS receivers and software for the field and the office

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Survey grade precision, even in hard-to-reach spots

Reach RS3

Survey grade receiver
with IMU tilt compensation

Perfect for land surveying,
construction, and engineering tasks.

  • Up to 60º of tilt
  • 22 hours on one charge
  • Radio and NTRIP


Reach RX

ultralight RTK rover

Perfect for GIS, utility inspection, landscaping, and GCPs placement.

  • 250g
  • Up to 16 hours on one charge
  • Any NTRIP network with RTCM3 support


The receiver you can always carry with you

When tilt compensation is not necessary

Reach RS2+

RTK GNSS receiver

Perfect as a rover and base station, suitable for integration with RTK drones, GPR, or bathymetry boats.

  • Up to 22 hours on one charge
  • LoRa radio and NTRIP


Data collection, cloud sync, post‑processing, and more

iOS, Android
Emlid Flow

Collect data
in the field

  • Verified coordinate systems library
  • Localization
  • Base shift
  • Data collection and stakeout
  • Lines offset and chainage
  • Survey codes
  • Background maps
  • CSV, DXF, SHP export and import
  • Data sync with up to 3 different devices
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Emlid Flow 360

Manage projects in the office

Cloud-based application for data synchronization and preparation and management of your projects from a browser.

Any browser
Emlid studio

Post-process data

Free software for kinematic, static, and drone data processing.

Emlid Studio Windows, MacOS
Emlid caster

Stream corrections via the internet

Available for free and works worldwide with Reach and other receivers with NTRIP support.

Any browser

High-end technology
is now accessible with Emlid

Emlid receivers in different industries

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We continuously improve the software that runs on Reach. Improvements are based on user feedback and the updates are delivered to you. Read more about the latest updates:


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