Post-process data from GNSS receivers and RTK drones

Upload RINEX and UBX logs to get precise coordinates and geotagged images.

Emlid Studio

Add precise coordinates
to your RTK drone data

Update images from an RTK drone with precise coordinates. For example, if you have lost the real-time connection between the base and the drone in the field.
Emlid Studio supports RTK drones that provide time stamps in MRK format, including DJI RTK and Autel Enterprise series.

Supported drones

DJI RTK, Autel
Enterprise series,
and others

Geotag PPK drone

Post-process logs from a base and a GNSS module to add precise coordinates to images. This workflow is for drone pilots who have Reach M2/M+ on a drone for PPK mapping.


Get precise track of measurements using raw data from the base and rover. This workflow helps you if you can't establish an RTK link between your devices in the field. For example, there is no internet coverage for NTRIP, and you can't use radio.

Static processing

Static processing helps you find precise coordinates of a single point. For example, if you want to establish your own local base using CORS as a base.

Stop & Go with Emlid Flow–
a mobile app for Reach receivers

The Stop & Go with Emlid Flow feature allows you to get precise coordinates of separate points that were collected without a real-time correction link.
For example, if you need to collect ground control points, but there is no internet coverage for NTRIP and you can't use radio.

User reviews

  • I have used several tools and applications for PPK processing, however, my app of choice is Emlid Studio.
    Not only is it accurate, intuitive, and easy to use, unlike the other apps I have used it runs on MacOS.
    I process PPK data from DJI Matrice 300, Phantom 4 RTK, and Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK, and Emlid Studio outputs great results from all of them.

    Rory Gillies
  • Installed and tested in PPK mode.
    Intuitive and modern interface. Fast, transparent, and efficient processing!
    The generated files are deposited in folders whose location can be defined and redefined. Processing parameters can be changed without problems.

    Matheus Villela
  • Gave it a shot and worked pretty well…great job Emlid Team!

    Jonathan Miranda
  • Congratulations team!!! It works perfectly. I tested it with all kinds of Static and Stop & Go files.

    Luis Galina
  • It’s awesome!

    Christian Grüner