Stream RTK corrections
from your base to the rovers
over the internet

Emlid Caster works with Reach and any other
receivers with NTRIP support. The service
is available for free and works worldwide.

Emlid NTRIP Caster
Emlid NTRIP Caster

Your setup

Emlid Caster allows you to set up your own NTRIP base for an RTK drone (DJI, Autel, etc.), tractor, or another GNSS receiver.

Our Caster is a web application. It means you only need a base, rover, and connection to the internet. Just make sure both base and rover works with the same format.

Formats RTCM3, CMR,
and others

How Emlid Caster works

Just sign up and start using

The Emlid Caster is extremely easy to use.
Just sign up and your NTRIP credentials will be generated automatically. You can start using the caster immediately. Connectivity is limited
to 5 bases and up to 10 rovers at the same time.
If you need more connections, check Caster Pro.

Just sign up and start using the Emlid Caster

User reviews

  • Emlid Caster makes using NTRIP convenient and easy to set up. Corrections were sent from the Reach M2 to Emlid Caster, which had 100% uptime! There is no easier way to own a base station.

    Tynell Dake
  • Nice stuff! Looking forward to using it, preferably with a DJI M300 using the RS2 as a base. Super nice functionality and awesome interface! Well done!

    Christian Grüner
  • The excellent free app, you will no longer depend on paying for a CORS network service. Activate whenever and wherever you want. Cool!!!

    Geolaboratorio Topografia Geodesia
  • Works like a charm.

    Dave Pitman

Set corrections
on your receivers
Enter NTRIP credentials on 
your base station and rover

Workflow for Reach receivers is described on the right. If you have another device, email us at Our application engineers will tell you how to work with the credentials.

On a base

  • Go to Reach settings.
  • Go to Correction output.
  • Select NTRIP.
  • Fill in the credentials of
    your mount point.

On a rover

  • Go to Reach settings.
  • Go to Correction input.
  • Select NTRIP.
  • Fill in the credentials for
    your rover.

To work with NTRIP, you need to connect your receivers to the internet

For Reach RX

Turn on mobile data on your smartphone and connect to Reach RX. It will use the internet connection from your mobile device.
Check the tutorial about how to connect to Reach RX.

For Reach RS3 / RS2+

Insert a SIM card and enable Mobile data
on Reach RS3 / RS2+, or turn on mobile data on your smartphone and share it over Wi-Fi hotspot.
Check the tutorial about how to connect Reach RS3 or Reach RS2+ to other networks.

For Reach RS+ and Reach M2

Turn on mobile data on your smartphone and share it over Wi-Fi hotspot. Reach will connect to your network and get access to the internet.
Check the tutorials about how to connect Reach to other networks: Reach RS+ and Reach M2.

Create your correction network
with Reach receivers

Reach RS2+ and Reach RX

Network Base and Rover Kit
for surveying.


NTRIP base
Reach RS2+

Local base for your drone,
tractor, or GNSS receiver


Have a question?
Ask our team

Email us at or fill in the contact form. Our application engineers will reply to you within a working day
(9:00-18:00 CET).

Pre-sale support:
Toll Free: 888-454-1916

Direct Dial: +1 817 865 3334 (ex. 101)