Reach RS+

RTK GNSS receiver
with an app as a controller

Reach RS is ever-ready to do surveying, mapping
and data collection with centimeter accuracy

Shipping in early August 2018



Reach RS is now replaced with Reach RS+

Reach RS now works on a new processor and has got a «+» in its name. It’s exactly the same Reach RS you knew, just with a couple of small hardware differences. Fully compatible with the previous version.

Shipping of Reach RS+ starts in early August 2018

Pre-order it in Emlid Store or buy the previous version from Emlid’s resellers.

We continue support for Reach RS and Reach

All receivers from the Reach family will continue getting software updates with improvements and new features as well as support from our technical specialists.

ReachView app

Helps with setup

Easily configure correction input, solution output, update rate and satellite systems in use. Manage Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Status monitoring

ReachView shows current satellite signal strength, constellation visibility forecast, your location on a map and much more.

Surveying tools

Built-in tools for data collection. Record geolocations with specified accuracy. Import and export in industry standard formats.

Log management

Logs are automatically recorded in internal memory. View a list of the logs and download them using the ReachView app.

Constantly improves
and updates

When connected to the Internet ReachView will automatically check if a new version is available and show you a notification. Simply tap the update button to receive new features and advancements, no need to drive to your dealer for a new firmware version.

Protected from water,
dust and falling

And it floats, so you don’t have to worry
you might lose it in a middle of a lake




Water- and dustproof

690 g

1,52 lbs

145 x 145 x 85 mm

5,7 x 5,7 x 3,3 inches

Ready to work
right out of the box

Comes with a case, radio antenna, thread adapter and USB cable

Step 1

Fix it on a rod/tripod and connect the radio antenna

Step 2

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn Reach RS on

Step 3

Connect to your Reach RS and open the ReachView app

Step 4

Configure the Rover-Base connection

And you're ready!

How to get Reach RS+

Pre-order now

We accept PayPal and direct bank transfer. Shipping in early August 2018.


Reach RS+

Pre-order now

We accept PayPal, credit cards and direct bank transfer.
Shipping in early August 2018.



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