Working with Reach RS and Autocad360, Android mock location, ReachView 2 overview and even more


If you’re visiting our community forum from time to time, then you probably subscribed to this thread.  @TB_RTK from Norway was among the first three community testers (along with Luke Wijnberg and @bide) who received Reach RS.



We’ve decided to summarize @TB_RTK experience with Reach RS in this post!




1. Reach RS + Autocad360

One Reach RS unit was used as base another as a rover, connected with LoRa radio. RTK live feed on the phone with pre-defined text in Autocad360. Used 3m pole is on wheels to easily move it around, still small inaccuracy occurred. By the way, here is a similar project by Tore made with Reach earlier.



2. Crash test

Strapped Reach RS survey unit to a crazy RC car, attached Go Pro and put the pedal to the floor!



3. Nice overview of  ReachView 2

A brief guide through Reachview menu and options.




4. Weather Test

Running Reach RS out in the rain, heavy wind and +2 C.
RS is sending correction data to nearby RS rover.



5. Measuring height precision with RS

One Reach RS was used as the base station with average base coordinates streaming correction LoRa radio data at 6dB (lowest power) and 1 Hz.
Another RS fitted to a DIY pole in the kinematic mode with AR on both GPS and GLONASS with LoRa correction input from base few meters away. See full project description and results here.




6. Bluetooth output and Android mock location

RTK Survey with Reach RS, Lefebure and Mobile Topographer. How to set up base, rover and connect to phone with Bluetooth and then do a quick survey with logging feature.

Check out this tutorial for detailed information!



Finally, Reach RS has been even frozen (-26C). Still alive.




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