Precision Agriculture

Emlid Studio: PPK in a few steps

We’ve released our PPK software—Emlid Studio! Post-process Reach logs, update coordinates of the collected points in float or single mode, geotag drone photos—all in one app.

Evolution of Mapping: From Clay Tablets to Drones and Space

A detailed article on the development of mapping technology is out! Check it to get to know the milestones before the GNSS receivers were used in modern mapping.

More than Six Thousand Points over Four Days: Interview with Emlid User

Joe Lawson, an Emlid pro-user from England, told us about his project to map a caravan park and lakes. More than six thousand points were collected by three Reach RS2 rovers using another RS2 as a base.

2021 Wrap-Up: Recall of the Best Moments of the Year and Holiday Greetings

We want to thank you for spending 2021 with us and recall what we’ve achieved this year. Check the features list to ensure you haven’t missed something important.

Reach Firmware 28 Update Features Enhanced RINEX Logging

Discover new features with the Reach Firmware 28 update! Now you can use RINEX presets for OPUS and popular PPP services and several new options for logging setup.

Simple Intro to Accuracy and Precision

Do you recognise the difference between accuracy and precision? Read our article to use the terms correctly and define what you need for your projects.

ReachView 3 Is One of the Company’s Biggest Advancements: Interview with Emlid User

Michael Lambert, an experienced surveyor from the US, told us about his projects, tasks, and experience using Emlid products.

How to Get Cm-Level Accuracy in RTK: Video Course

Meet a series of videos to get started with Reach. In the first course, our application engineer shows how to set up two Reach RS2 to work in RTK over LoRa radio and get cm-accuracy.

From a Chip tо a Click and Go Solution: Interview with Emlid User

We are excited to launch a new format in our blog—interviews with our users. Meet the first guest—Tore Berthelsen from Norway.

Emlid on the Road in the US!

Emlid joins the Kuker-Ranken Precision Takes Flight Drone Roadshow and provides ongoing demonstrations of Reach RS2. Don’t miss the roadshow from October 21 to November 9.

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