Getting started with Reach RS2


Battery can charge over USB-C port directly from a laptop or a power bank, or from a wall plug using a usual smartphone charger.


Fastest way to charge Reach is to use a USB-C to USB-C cable with a laptop 5V 3A charger. Standard USB-C to USB Type A cable, that comes with Reach, is a bit slower, but is compatible with a huge range of power sources.

Quick battery level check

There's a simple way to check battery level of Reach RS2 without turning it on. Just short press the power button.


Front panel of Reach RS2 has indicators for loading, battery level, Wi-Fi connection, and RTK solution status.




Solid: broadcasting Wi-Fi
Solid: connected to another Wi-Fi network
Blinking: scanning networks


Slow blinking: Single
Fast blinking: Float
Solid: Fix
Solid: Corrections output is turned on
No solution status

Night mode

To make your Reach less noticeable in the dark enable Night Mode in settings. All LEDs and sounds will turn off until you disable the mode or reboot the receiver.

Sound speaker

Reach RS2 has a speaker that lets you know when the receiver gets FIX solution. Its volume changes or mutes in ReachView settings.

Night mode icon In Night Mode all sound notifications mute along with the LEDs.

Turning on
and updating

Reach RS2 needs to be updated to make sure it runs on the latest version of firmware. To do that Reach needs to connect to a network with Internet access.

Turn on Reach

Press and hold the power button until all the LEDs light up. When the loading animation stops, Reach RS2 has booted up and is fully available.

Connect to Reach via Wi-Fi and open ReachView

Make sure that Reach is broadcasting Wi-Fi: the LED must be solid white. Connect to RS2 like to a usual Wi-Fi network. By default login and password are these:


Then open ReachView app. Search for ReachView in App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code on the sticker on top of Reach.

In ReachView you'll see a list of Reach receivers in the same Wi-Fi network as your device. Tap the one you want to work with.

Connect Reach to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access

The first thing you'll see is ReachView updater. There's a section called Wi-Fi. Tap the + button, enter information about the Wi-Fi network you're going to connect Reach to, and tap Connect.

Check the Wi-Fi LED. Solid blue network LED stands for successful connection to a Wi-Fi network. If it's solid white again, that means Reach switched back to hotspot mode. In this case check that you've entered the information about your Wi-Fi network correctly and try again.

Update Reach

Open ReachView again and start updating.

SIM card

Reach RS2 has a SIM card slot, that allows the receiver to get Internet connection. SIM is not required for work, it's just one of the ways for Reach to get an access to the Internet.

SIM card port of Reach RS2 is compatible with nano-SIM. Bigger types won't fit in there, but you can use a special cutter to make a nano-SIM card out of any of them.

Inserting SIM card

Slide the slot to right to unlock it, lift it up, insert SIM card, put it back, and slide to left to lock. Then open ReachView and go to Mobile data tab.

Pay attention when inserting a SIM card. Treat the slot with care. We recommend inserting a SIM card indoors.

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