New Image And QGC for Edge Released


We’ve released the new v1.4 image for Edge and QGroundControl with v3.2.4-edge-2.3 tag!



The new v1.4 image includes a couple of new features that ease your day-to-day work with Edge. The most prominent of those changes are:

  • Camera hotplug support
  • Wi-Fi connection to your own networks rather than being stuck at AP network created on Edge
  • LED statuses are more user-friendly now

QGC v3.2.4-edge-2.3 has got a lot of new features too:

  • New firmware upgrade tab
  • MacOS support is now official
  • New Wi-Fi setup tab

See the full release message, features description, and changelogs on our community forum!


Release Notes



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Emlid Edge is an advanced drone controller running Ardupilot and capable of streaming telemetry and HD video from an action camera via Wi-Fi link. Check Edge docs and Quickstart video to learn how to set up video streaming with Edge.


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