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Emlid Caster Update: Connect up to Ten Rovers and Five Bases

We are excited to release the Emlid Caster update. We’ve expanded the number of available mount points and rover connections. 

Now every user has five mount points generated automatically and ready to be used. We’ve also added the ability to connect up to ten rovers at a time. It will be a useful feature for those who have multiple base stations or lots of equipment.

Easily Manage Your Connections

The Emlid Caster interface was updated as well. It allows enabling or disabling every mount point and changing the points’ passwords. 

You can also find a new “My Rovers” section. It displays the credentials you need to enter on a rover to connect to any mount point. The online/offline status shows how many receivers are currently connected.

Emlid Caster Rovers

Pass RTK Corrections with Emlid Caster

Emlid Caster is an easy way to transmit corrections between RTK-capable devices via the Internet. It works not only with Emlid products but any other device supporting NTRIP. Emlid Caster is available for free worldwide. To get started, sign up on