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Emlid in 2018 − Yearly Wrap-up

Just a few days left in 2018 and it’s time to summarize the most notable things of the past year. New products and accessories, ReachView enhancements, amazing user stories and more in our wrap up blog post!

New products

Reach M+ and Reach RS+

In spring we announced updated Reach M+ and Reach RS+ featuring our own compute module. Switching to our own processor allowed us to manage supply much better to ensure long-term availability of Reach and we used this opportunity to pack Reach with some new features.

Hot Shoe Adapter

At the end of summer, we released hot shoe adapter for Reach M+ and added it to Reach UAV mapping kit to ensure reliable synchronization of Reach and a camera for drone mapping missions.

Vibration Damping Platform for Reach RS+

In September we announced the Vibration Damping Platform designed for smooth RTK guidance of heavy machinery on agricultural fields, construction and mining sites. The platform effectively reduces vibrations transferred to the receiver, see the report to learn more.

LoRa radio for Reach M+ 

In October we released the long-awaited LoRa radio for Reach M+. The new radio module works at the same frequency range as Reach RS/RS+ LoRa (862–1020 MHz). The module is fully compatible with the internal LoRa radio of Reach RS/RS+ and fits great for autonomous navigation with RTK accuracy.

New ReachView features

RTK Performance boost with GLONASS or BeiDou

Starting with ReachView v2.14, Reach corrects GLONASS inter-frequency biases, allowing for GLONASS AR with non-Reach bases, such as NTRIP casters. BeiDou processing was significantly improved as well. Read more about RTK boost in ReachView v2.14 on Emlid Forum.

New survey interface and point stakeout tool

The latest ReachView v2.16 introduces one of the most awaited surveying features – point stakeout.

Point stakeout allows importing a list of points of interest (in CSV, DXF or GeoJSON formats) and guides you to the exact spot with centimeter accuracy. Read more about stakeout tools and see the survey tool tutorial in Emlid docs.

Reach in the field

Allesbeste team stakes out Avocado Orchard in South Africa

In 2018, Reach was successfully used in an impressive scope of projects from bathymetric surveys to planetary analog studies. We have received hundreds of photos from our users and we would love to get more! Thank you all who shares the feedback, it’s really inspiring to see Reach at work in amazing places worldwide.

Here are just some of the memorable projects with Reach RS:

There are many more, check Emlid Community Forum!

Docs and tutorials

Here are just some of our new resources we released this year:

Holiday Cheers from Emlid team

We’d like to wish Happy Holidays and say thank you to all our users and partners for making 2018 so remarkable for Emlid!

Your feedback and support inspired us to bring all the new products and features you see in ReachView today. It’s a pleasure to work on a product for such a vibrant community and we will do our best to meet your expectations in 2019. As we head into 2019, we are excited to announce a lot of new things the next year, stay tuned!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Emlid Team