Collecting Data with Reach and ArcGIS – New Video Guide

In our new video tutorial, we show how to collect data with ArcGIS Collector for Android and Reach with centimeter accuracy. ArcGIS collector by ESRI allows to quickly map a site and transfer the layout to a PC in real time.

Guideline to Survey Marks: How to Use Them in RTK and PPK Data Collection

Survey marks are certain points with known geographical coordinates. Usually, these points are marked with metal disks. Learn how to use them in your data collection to improve its accuracy.

Connecting Reach to an Android Device for Data Collection – New Video Guide

In today’s video, we will show how to connect Reach to an Android device via Bluetooth and send precise coordinates from rover to any GIS or survey app.

Different Methods of Setting up the RTK Base – New Video Guide

When you use Reach as a local base station, you should set it up first so it can transmit the corrections to the rover. ReachView app offers several ways on how to do that. These approaches may seem not so trivial when you just get started with RTK.

How far you can go with LoRa of Reach RS2

You can rely on LoRa radio when working within an 8 km baseline. The tests of Reach RS2 conducted by our pro-users demonstrate how LoRa radio performance can be pushed much further in various environments.

Getting Started Videos for Reach RS2: First Time Setup, RTK over NTRIP and LoRa

To make sure you have a pleasant start with your Reach RS2 we’ve worked on the getting started video series.

New Tutorials: NTRIP and PPK Workflows

We have put together several new guides to help you with setting up your Reach for work in the field!

What is Reach RS+ and How to Use it to Achieve CM Accuracy

Our new video provides a simple overview of real-time kinematic (RTK), post-processed kinematic (PPK) and NTRIP. It also demonstrates how Reach RS+ can be used in the field for various applications. Resources Check Emlid docs to learn more about real-time kinematic and Reach: How RTK works How PPK works Reach RS+ Quickstart Point Collection and […]

Reach RS/RS+ Base and Rover Setup Video

The new video tutorial shows how to set up two Reach RS/RS+ as RTK base and rover using built-in LoRa radio.

Ways to Set Up Reach and Reach RS as the Base Station

We announce the new tutorial which describes different ways to set up the base. We hope it will help you to reach the desired accuracy for your application.

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