Emlid latest news

Getting Started Videos for Reach RS2: First Time Setup, RTK over NTRIP and LoRa

To make sure you have a pleasant start with your Reach RS2 we’ve worked on the getting started video series.

Reach RS/RS+ Base and Rover Setup Video

The new video tutorial shows how to set up two Reach RS/RS+ as RTK base and rover using built-in LoRa radio.

Emlid Edge Quickstart Video

With the Edge drone controller launch, we’ve also rolled out extensive documentation for our new autopilot.

Carlson SurvCE Now Supports Reach RS!

SurvCE starting from version 5.06 supports Reach. In this post, you’ll find the information on how to set up the data collector running SurvCE/SurvPC with Reach via Bluetooth.

Ways to Set Up Reach and Reach RS as the Base Station

We announce the new tutorial which describes different ways to set up the base. We hope it will help you to reach the desired accuracy for your application.

Building an Autonomous Car with RPi and Navio2 Running Donkey

One of our community users Yannis shared the build of a small scale vehicle powered with Raspberry Pi and Navio2. It can navigate autonomously on a track using monocular vision.

New ReachView Update Brings Bluetooth RTK Output

ReachView version v0.2.2 is now available via in-app update. With this update, you can replace GPS on an Android smartphone or tablet with Reach RTK connected over Bluetooth.