Getting Started with ReachView 3

We released the new ReachView 3 app. In our new video tutorials, we’ve covered the basics workflows on how to get started with ReachView 3.

The New ReachView 3 Simplifies RTK Data Collection

We are excited to share the news: the all-new ReachView 3 is now out of beta! This means the app is available for download from App Store or Google Play and ready for work.

ReachView v2.24 is here!

The ReachView 2.24 is available for all devices. We’ve made some key stability improvements that ensure more robust behavior when saving collected points and enhance Reach RS+ performance.

Getting Started Videos for Reach RS2: First Time Setup, RTK over NTRIP and LoRa

To make sure you have a pleasant start with your Reach RS2 we’ve worked on the getting started video series.

Stake out Points with ReachView v2.16

ReachView v2.16 introduces one of the most awaited surveying features–point stakeout.

ReachView v2.14.0: RTK Enhancements, New Survey Project View, and more

We’ve pushed a new update to our stable channel–v2.14.0. This version has been released for all Reach devices.

ReachView v2.11.0 is out

It’s been a long time since we split our update channels into dev and stable and now it’s time to pour the things back together.

ReachView v2.10 is out with Dev Updates

It’s been some time since our last update, so today we have two new releases.

ReachView is Available in the App Store

ReachView has become the default way to interact with both Reach and Reach RS. Make sure to update your Reach devices to the latest v2.8.0 and download ReachView app from the App Store or Google Play!

Introducing ReachView for Android, iOS Coming Soon

Today we’re excited to announce the native mobile app called ReachView. With this, you can easily access receivers without the need for Fing and the like, without the need to switch to your browser and type up the addresses.

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