Reach RS/RS+

Proving the Efficiency of PPK Drones for Agricultural Survey

Brazilian ArnsTronic designs and manufactures UAVs and provides a complete crop monitoring plan to customers. To get the precise maps they equip a fleet with the centimeter-accurate Reach RTK and use Reach RS as a base station. The method saves a lot of time and allows to survey large areas where the conventional approach is unfeasible.

Carlson SurvCE Now Supports Reach RS!

SurvCE starting from version 5.06 supports Reach. In this post, you’ll find the information on how to set up the data collector running SurvCE/SurvPC with Reach via Bluetooth.

Placing GCPs with Reach RS to process accurate maps in DroneDeploy

Using standalone GPS geotagging on drones may lead to significant deviations between processed maps and reality. Placing ground control points with well-known coordinates on site is crucial to achieve high accuracy of the final maps. Reach RS fits perfect for this kind of application and recently was used by DroneDeploy Team in a new study comparing how […]

Using Reach RTK for Affordable Auto-Steering on a Farm in Austria

Our user Andreas Ortner utilizes Reach and Reach RS with an auto-steering system on John Deere tractors on his farm in Austria. He equipped the tractor fleet with Reach RTK Kit and an auto-steering system made from standard components. Such a set up doesn’t require complicated integration and may be used on any machinery.

Ways to Set Up Reach and Reach RS as the Base Station

We announce the new tutorial which describes different ways to set up the base. We hope it will help you to reach the desired accuracy for your application.

Announcing FieldGenius Compatibility with Reach RS

We are pleased to announce Reach RS full compatibility with FieldGenius as the result of cooperation between Emlid and MicroSurvey.

QGIS as Survey tool for Reach RS

QGIS (previously known as Quantum GIS) is the cross-platform free and open-source desktop geographic information system (GIS) app that provides data viewing, editing, and analysis. It can be used for almost any GIS application. Our Community user Brent Wiebe put Reach RS and QGIS running on Windows together and shows how to connect them. First of all, we need to connect […]

Cm-accurate GPS Guidance for Tractors on a Budget

Our user Joseph paired Reach RS with one of the many Android smartphone/tablet GPS guidance applications that can deliver GPS precision to farming. The centimeter-accurate positioning reduces overlaps and missed zones and this helps to save time and increase yield potential.

Reach RS is helping to unlock land value in Ghana

Landmapp—is the Netherlands based startup developing a mobile platform that provides smallholder farmer families in Ghana with documentation of their land. For smallholder farmers securing their land is very complex and an enormous challenge. Landmapp makes this simple, providing an end to end service from the farmer signs up till they hold a legal land certificate in their […]

Working with Reach RS and Autocad360, Android Mock Location, ReachView 2 Overview, and More

Our pro-user from Norway was among the first community testers who received Reach RS. We decided to summarize his experience with Reach RS in this post.

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