Reach RS/RS+

Upgrade your Reach RS/RS+ with a Vibration Damping Platform for Smooth Machinery Guidance

We created Vibration Damping Platform for Reach RS/RS+, meant to reduce vibrations transferred to the receiver.

Post a Photo and Win Reach RS+!

We just couldn’t resist not making photo contest to see how Reach receivers help to bring centimeter accuracy to the field projects!

Land documentation for 2000 landholders in 5 weeks with Emlid Reach RS

We have already written about Landmapp from the Netherlands helping to unlock land value in Ghana. Now they are helping the Indonesian government to find an efficient way to map the whole country. During the pilot stage of the project, Meridia (former Landmapp) will survey 4500 hectares in 5 weeks. This stage involves delivering land rights documentation to […]

Reach RS/RS+ Base and Rover Setup Video

The new video tutorial shows how to set up two Reach RS/RS+ as RTK base and rover using built-in LoRa radio.

Georeference with GCPs and Get Repeatable Contour Lines

Colombian KiteMap uses Emlid Reach RS to set GCPs accurately and in a cost-effective way.

Oyster Reef Mapping with Reach RS

Researchers at the Duke University Marine Lab assessed and conserved local wetland and oyster habitats along the coast of North Carolina with the immense help of the Emlid Reach RS.

Establishing Avocado Orchards with Reach RS

Read how Allesbeste team staked out trees positions with Reach RS at their new avocado orchard in South Africa

Reach RS and Reach have been Updated

Reach RS and Reach now run on a new processor and are called Reach RS+ and Reach M+. The RTK GNSS function stays unchanged as well as the ReachView software.

Proving the Efficiency of PPK Drones for Agricultural Survey

Brazilian ArnsTronic designs and manufactures UAVs and provides a complete crop monitoring plan to customers. To get the precise maps they equip a fleet with the centimeter-accurate Reach RTK and use Reach RS as a base station. The method saves a lot of time and allows to survey large areas where the conventional approach is unfeasible.

Carlson SurvCE Now Supports Reach RS!

SurvCE starting from version 5.06 supports Reach. In this post, you’ll find the information on how to set up the data collector running SurvCE/SurvPC with Reach via Bluetooth.

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