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Keep Your Mind in Shape! Test from Emlid Team

Check out your knowledge about the RTK GNSS technology! Basic test for Emlid users.

Get Navio2 with 15% Discount

To get the discount, use coupon code “Navio2” during the purchase. Order your Navio2 now and let the engineering begin!

Craft Time: Get Creative with Navio2

DIY drones, robotic cars, autopilot, and.. Xbox? Check out 5 creative Navio2-powered projects made by our users.

ReachView v2.22 is out for all Reach Devices

We are glad to release an updated ReachView v2.22! Check out the list of the improvements and fixes.

2019 Recap and Greetings from Emlid Team

This year we’ve hit the market with two highly-anticipated products – multi-band Reach RS2 and Reach M2. Reach RS2 announcement is a highlight of the year for us and another big step toward making RTK accessible to everyone. We are thrilled to see the adoption of Reach RS2 by professional industries such as land surveying, […]

Black Friday Sale Starts Now! Get 20% off Reach RS+ and Reach M+

We’ve got some great deals for you! Save 20% on Reach RS+, Reach M+ and antenna for Reach M+.

Multi-band Reach M2 is Available for Pre-order for $449

Today we launch pre-orders for Reach M2—our new multi-band RTK GNSS module for PPK mapping.

Use Reach with MicroSurvey FieldGenius. Now on Android

We’ve successfully completed the tests with the leading land survey software MicroSurvey FieldGenius. Now you can pair RS2 with FG and use expanded toolsets and enhanced capabilities for professional data collection.

How far you can go with LoRa of Reach RS2

You can rely on LoRa radio when working within an 8 km baseline. The tests of Reach RS2 conducted by our pro-users demonstrate how LoRa radio performance can be pushed much further in various environments.

Topographical land survey in Poland woods. Photo Contest 2019 winner

We recently announced our annual Photo Contest 2019 winners. Today we are ready to unveil the story behind the winning entry.

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