Drone Mapping

Oyster Reef Mapping with Reach RS

Researchers at the Duke University Marine Lab assessed and conserved local wetland and oyster habitats along the coast of North Carolina with the immense help of the Emlid Reach RS.

Establishing Avocado Orchards with Reach RS

Read how Allesbeste team staked out trees positions with Reach RS at their new avocado orchard in South Africa

Proving the Efficiency of PPK Drones for Agricultural Survey

Brazilian ArnsTronic designs and manufactures UAVs and provides a complete crop monitoring plan to customers. To get the precise maps they equip a fleet with the centimeter-accurate Reach RTK and use Reach RS as a base station. The method saves a lot of time and allows to survey large areas where the conventional approach is unfeasible.

Placing GCPs with Reach RS to process accurate maps in DroneDeploy

Using standalone GPS geotagging on drones may lead to significant deviations between processed maps and reality. Placing ground control points with well-known coordinates on site is crucial to achieve high accuracy of the final maps. Reach RS fits perfect for this kind of application and recently was used by DroneDeploy Team in a new study comparing how […]

Surveying a private island with Reach

3DroneMapping is offering mapping services all over the Africa and recently had the privilege of mapping a tiny private island in the Indian ocean just 9 km off the Zanzibar coast.  Luke Wijnberg, surveyor and CEO of 3DroneMapping shared a great story about the resort and its mapping with the Reach modules. The tiny (15ha) island is […]

Tuffwing integrates Emlid Reach RTK, gets 4cm precision without GCP

Tuffwing, a manufacturer of affordable aerial mapping systems recently performed integration of Emlid Reach RTK to enable making precision maps without use of ground control points. The system was benchmarked by comparing direct georeferenced model with a set of GCPs, used solely for error detection purposes. Achieved lateral RMS error is just 4cm according to […]

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