Simplifying Archaeological Survey with Reach RS+

The researcher from the University of Toronto outlined why she started using Reach RS+ receivers for the archaeological survey. Read how Reach speeded up and simplified the work of her team.

Exploring the Uninhabited Land with Drones and Reach: the Kame of Isbister

Read about Shetland Flyer Aerial Media building a 3D model of the mysterious Kame of Isbister with the help of Reach RS+ and a drone.

How RTK GNSS Receivers are Used in Archaeology: Online Talk

Check out Emlid’s online talk about RTK technologies in archaeological fieldwork. Two professional archaeologists sharing their best practices.

Reach for Archaeological Research

Check out archaeological survey conducted in Armenia. One of the goals of this research was the evaluation of usability and reliability of Reach for archaeological projects

Surveying a maritime archaeological site with Reach RS — Photo Contest Winner 2018

Today we tell a story behind the photo that won Emlid Photo Contest 2018: The photo was captured at the archaeological site called Mothia (or Mozia). The site is approximately 45-hectare large and is located a few kilometers west of Sicily. Mothia was settled in the 8th century BC and was surveyed with Reach RS […]

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