What Is NMEA and How to Feed Data from Reach to a Third-party Device?

Reach receivers stream positioning data in NMEA format that allows integrating them with different types of equipment. Read how to use NMEA messages to connect Reach with your device.

Precision Agriculture: How Reach Receivers Can Help Your Farm

Reach helps farmers when it’s integrated with agricultural equipment or used for drone mapping. Check out cases of using Reach in precision agriculture.

Forming Precise Beds for Strawberries with Reach RS2: a Case by Farm Doctors

This is the story from Alistair Hart, our official Australian dealer. The project was a four-hectare strawberry farm that needed machinery guidance on a budget for creating precise strawberry beds.

Agricultural Robot Powered with Reach RS+ Helps to Increase Crop Yields in the Pacific Region

Agricultural robot powered with Reach RS+ aims to help smallholder farmers in the Pacific region to increase food production and maximize nutrition security.

Proving the Efficiency of PPK Drones for Agricultural Survey

Brazilian ArnsTronic designs and manufactures UAVs and provides a complete crop monitoring plan to customers. To get the precise maps they equip a fleet with the centimeter-accurate Reach RTK and use Reach RS as a base station. The method saves a lot of time and allows to survey large areas where the conventional approach is unfeasible.

Using Reach RTK for Affordable Auto-Steering on a Farm in Austria

Our user Andreas Ortner utilizes Reach and Reach RS with an auto-steering system on John Deere tractors on his farm in Austria. He equipped the tractor fleet with Reach RTK Kit and an auto-steering system made from standard components. Such a set up doesn’t require complicated integration and may be used on any machinery.

Cm-accurate GPS Guidance for Tractors on a Budget

Our user Joseph paired Reach RS with one of the many Android smartphone/tablet GPS guidance applications that can deliver GPS precision to farming. The centimeter-accurate positioning reduces overlaps and missed zones and this helps to save time and increase yield potential.

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